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Recent Shows

BayCon in Santa Clara, California 2009
A very nice group show of fantasy and sci-fi art. BayCon is held every year over the Memorial Day weekend (May 22-25) at the Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara, CA. It's four days of events related to sci-fi and fantasy. For information on this yearly event go to (

I will be selling some of my signed work in their art show again.

WesterCon 60 in San Jose, California 2007
Another nice Con of fantasy and sci-fi art. It moves around the US and this year it was in San Jose. June 31 to July 3.

DragonCon in Georgia 2006
A large Sci-fi, Fantasy show. It is held for 3 day in August over the Labor Day weekend. I had three panels of Art at the show. Maybe again in 2008.


Other News

Just finished the artwork for a jazz CD by Gene Burkert. Great CD. Go check it out.

As of July 2007 I will be adding more of my work and offering some of my work at a lower price. Check back to see the new art work.

I have also opened up a store on my site. You will be able to purchase,
T-shirts, posters, and many other items, with my artwork on them. Check it out to see what's available. I'll be updating it soon.

FREE images can be found in gallery 3 of the [free gallery].

There are a few "flash" images on the site (flash example). Flash adds amazing animation to any site. If the screen remains black, you will need to download a free plug-in for your browser. You can download it from the adobe web site. It is only about 134K, so it should download very quickly.


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