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Hello. My name is Bob Keck. I am both the Owner and principal Artist of Digital Dreams. I received my MFA from San Jose State University. After graduating I worked at San Jose State University and taught Adult Education classes on Airbrush painting in Santa Clara County. I purchased my first computer and was hooked. I took programming classes in various languages and and have run computer systems. In 1991 I realized that what I really wanted to do for a living was something art related. So I changed careers again and became a graphic designer (I had been doing graphics on the side since college). I have been developing my skills as a computer artist and graphic designer ever since. I hope you enjoy the artwork and graphics that you see on this web site and will revisit it often. I am constantly creating new images, so the site is always growing. Enjoy.

In May of 1998 I traveled to a Bryce 3D Retreat at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. It was a place of wide open vistas and interesting rock formations. Ghost Ranch was made famous by the artist Georgia O'keeffe, who lived there while doing some of her paintings. Here are some images of the area. Ghost Ranch Pictures


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